New Beginnings

Our 2022-2023 teaching year was just amazing!

We would like to thank our wonderful music families who made this year so fun for us! Your support and commitment have allowed us to make some big moves! We want to thank our devoted teachers who often went above and beyond to deliver personalised instruction that fit the various needs of our students. Your vision and flexibility have played a key role in our success! We would also like to thank our friends, Diane and Gord at More Than Just Art who never stopped cheering us on as we worked together to find exciting creative solutions and who always had our backs.

The Muskoka Music Centre has trained talented and enthusiastic musicians for over 25 years. We are delighted to see former students bringing the next generation of students to us to enjoy a musical education. The strength of Muskoka Music Centre is based on the philosophy that music is meant to be played together. When we all play a part and work in harmony together, we can create something truly beautiful! As a cooperative of local musicians, we are thrilled with the growth the Muskoka Music Centre has experienced in the past few years and what it will mean for our community in the years to come.

We want to introduce our new Huntsville Centre Director, Holly Sundy. Holly was born and raised in Huntsville, Ontario and enjoys being active in the Muskoka wilderness with her husband and two children. Along with various productions and bands, she continued her independent music studies through the Royal Conservatory of Music program to accomplish the Elementary Piano Pedagogy ARCT with First Class Honours. Holly has been instructing piano in her private music studio for over a decade and has a passion for introducing youth to the arts early in life. Her vision is to support and help the young musician in an environment that inspires them to grow and flourish. Her belief is that music will enrich one’s life for years to come, as it has hers.

Over the summer, the Muskoka Music Centre has been busy expanding our footprint, adding more classrooms, teachers, instruments, and programs! In this season of growth, we have sadly said goodbye to much-loved teachers Rebecca and Karoline and friends Diane and Gord, but we embrace new beginnings as we look forward to a new season of making music together!