Contemporary Showcase 2022

Contemporary Showcase, held in conjunction with Canada Music Week,  is devoted entirely to music created by contemporary Canadian composers. It is non-competitive in that no marks are awarded, no ranking is given, and the adjudications take place in an atmosphere that is designed to be informative and supportive.

We currently have 13 centres across Canada. The organization is recognized as one that is currently encouraging performers, composers, and audiences for the future. No other organization continues to aggressively promote the performance, composition, and study of Canadian contemporary.

This year’s Contemporary Showcase again featured rhythm ensembles by our MYC® students (and their parents!) performed via video for Frances Balodis, the founder of Music for Young Children®.

For our beginner classes, this is their very first opportunity to show off what they have learned in the first few weeks of music classes. We make a big deal out of this milestone because we believe that making music together and sharing our music with others is key!

A few of our older students participated in a workshop with Composer Andrew Harbridge. Andrew Harbridge, the recipient of the Gold Medal of Excellence from Conservatory Canada, is a resident of Peterborough, Ontario. Andrew has published four of his own series of music books entitled Piano Styles, Spectrum and The Easiest Technique Book Ever! Series and the Contemporary Technique and Skills books (all of them with Wanless Music. Each piano repertoire book contains an inviting variety of music styles. They range from Rock, Latin, Blues, Modern Ballads, Neo-Classical, Neo-Romantic and others.