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New Beginnings

Our 2022-2023 teaching year was just amazing! We would like to thank our wonderful music families who made this year so fun for us! Your support and commitment have allowed us to make some big moves! We want to thank our devoted teachers who often went above and beyond to deliver personalised instruction that fit the various needs of our students. Your vision and flexibility have played a key role in our success! We would […]

MYC’s Annual International Composition Festival 2023

Music for Young Children® group keyboard classes is an excellent way to introduce children to the joys of music! This year we have several of our young students using their new understanding of rhythm and notation to write their very own compositions. We have wonderful pieces written by our first, second, and third-year MYC® students with song titles like Butterflies in the Meadow, Rainbow, I Love Minecraft, Walking to School, Unicorn on the Run, Lavender, […]