Singing Lessons





Why Music Lessons?



  • Promotes healthy brain development
  • Teaches discipline and work ethic
  • An outlet for emotions
  • For enjoyment and pleasure

From developing cognitive skills to establishing self-esteem – by enrolling your child in music lessons, you are providing an amazing foundation of skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.



Because it is fun!

MYC has taken a child based approach to learning music through a clever merging of study and play. Our classes are small, our programs age-appropriate, and creativity and expression are nourished in every component of the program.

MYC® builds family bonds!

Parents are important and welcome participants, accompanying their children as part of the program. The parent and child bond as a music team during lessons as they co-learn the concepts and material. The bond carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.

Produces well-rounded students!

MYC’s curriculum was created to build and sustain a wide and firm foundation in music education, appreciation and performance for young children.  Our students not only learn how to play the piano and read music, but are also taught the other important elements (i.e.  Sight-reading, composition and ensemble playing) that help create a solid, educated and well-balanced musician.